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Freelance business administration and sales support

 I am drawn to people who have an unswerving appreciation for authenticity, creativity and their urge to share their own ideas and make a success of them.

For more than 20 years I presented exciting and directional fashion, beauty and homeware brands from around the world to UK buyers, during which time I set up and ran Littleicons as a sales agency. Times have changed and I have come to realise that the part of my job that I love the most is ORGANISING!

So now I love to support others in their adventures, give me a list to tick off and I am a happy person! I am available to complete the tasks that can take up so much time in a small business - admin, system creations, customer support, delivery and order systems, sales support both retail and wholesale, HR organization, website  creation and editing, accounts and invoicing......

I understand that the needs of your company will change weekly, even daily, and the challenge to free up as much time as possible for you to be creative and to drive your business is my end goal.

Nicky Goodman

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